Upgrade info

For users using the old version of ShoppingList, ShoppingList 4 offers a number of benefits:

Data from older versions can be imported into ShoppingList 4.

How to import data from an older version into ShoppingList 4

ShoppingList 4 supports importing the complete database as well as single exported lists sent from an older version e.g. by email or SMS.

Import the whole database

Start the older version of ShoppingList and switch to the list index.

In the toolbar at the bottom you will find an export button on the right. Tap it:

Screenshot with export button

Now you will be shown a sheet to share. Choose ShoppingList 4 as your export target:

Screenshot mit Teilen-Sheet

ShoppingList 4 will be opened, and you are asked to confirm the import. If you accept, all lists from the old database will be imported.

No data is overwritten. Imported lists are added to existing lists.

Importing exported lists

Lists exported from an older version of ShoppingList (e.g. via email) can be opened directly in ShoppingList 4.

Your iPhone will either open them directly in the latest installed version of ShoppingList or it will ask you which app to use when receiving or opening them.